More... Will your family be protected financially if something happens to you?    

Will your family be protected financially if something happens to you?

Make sure you have peace of mind.

Many people simply do not think about, or prepare for, the financial consequences of unexpected events such as the serious…

More... Income Protection Insurance Premiums    

Income Protection Insurance Premiums

Why wait? Keep your premium down.

When deciding on Income Protection Insurance there are a couple things to consider. ┬áIf you are starting a policy when…

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Income Protection Insurance

Hear from a chef who by a simple accident at a friend's house was out of work for a year.

This 23 year old took advice from his advisor and got income protection insurance. He saved car repossession and a mountain of bills because of the good advice he received.

Get Insurance Before You Need It

Get advice on income protection insurance before it's too late.

CommInsure Income Protection prevented this individual from bankruptcy and the rehabilitation service component allowed him to manage his condition and get his life back on track.


Income Protection Insurance provides you with peace of mind that if you lose your ability to earn an income because of illness or injury (or something that impedes your ability to work), your income protection insurance will provide up to 75% of your income until you are able to return to work or to the end of the benefit period.  There are income protection insurance policies that can cover a higher percentage of your income if you choose.  

Income Protection Insurance policies differ from insurance company to insurance company.  We will work with you to customise your income protection insurance coverage so that it makes the most sense to you where we work with you to address the definitions of disability, the definitions of income and the range of additional benefits you can achieve from your income protection insurance.  We will make sure you understand your income protection insurance coverage options so that you have peace of mind that if required, you have the income protection coverage that you need.


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